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Above this box you should see a menu: A black box with links inside. Clicking on the link "Events" will take you to the page dedicated to events. On there you should see a button that says "Add Event".

Clicking "Add Event" will bring up a menu that looks like this:

Clicking "Select an image" will allow you to upload a photo (it will be readjusted to a 180px width, 135px height image if larger than that) for your event on the event calendar:

This section is self-explanatory. This is the name of your event, and how it will appear on the event calendar.

The "Category" drop-down menu will allow you to select what region it takes place in:

Feel free to select "No Category" or "None" for this purpose. Currently Alliance has no use and will appear the same as events labeled "None" or "No Category" in terms of label color.

North American events are Orange.
European events are Red.
Oceanic events are Gray.
Uncategorized events are Black.

If you have a hard time distinguishing between them or are unsure, moving your cursor over the event name will also let you know which category they're in. It should be noted that event descriptions will not appear when mousing over the event itself.

This section is also fairly self explanatory—describe your event here and provide a link to the event thread.

Date and Time

Clicking the "Date" section allows you to use a built-in calendar to select the day the event takes place on.

Removing the Time entirely will set the event to "All Day".


Selecting "reoccurs" will bring up a default time, but in order to actually make it reoccur you'll have to edit it. You can choose for it to repeat Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly—though we ask that if you're going to choose "Daily" for an event, it be for shorter lengths of time such as a few days in a row and not for months.

"Repeat every X days" means that the event will occur every-so-many days that you set. For instance, if you set it to "Every 2 days" the event will take place Day 1 and Day 3, skipping Day 2. This pattern will continue for as long as you set the "repeat until" time to be.

"Repeat Until" is fairly self explanatory, clicking this menu allows you to choose a date where the event will stop happening on a reoccurring schedule.