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Halgrave / Nov 14, 2017
Hey folks! As some of you may have noticed, our Discord has undergone a slight makeover. Channels have been removed or otherwise consolidated. These changes were done to promote more activity on this site and keep things relatively focused, with Discord to serve as largely an IM replacement and real-time lfrp tool/promoter for the site itself! Thanks for sticking with us as we continue to attempt to make this place better for all during AoC's development period!
Halgrave / Sep 22, 2017
Hey there folks! We have recently included an application form to join the site! While applications can be tedious, this was put in place to make certain we do not see any other bots on our forum. It will not take long to fill out for those newcomers that need to use it, and we will get to it within the day that it is sent in! Thanks for your patience!
Halgrave / Jul 08, 2017
Thanks to recent suggestions from the community, we have updated the forum's layout. All of the old content is still there, but we have reorganized the way the forum is structured. Also, we are now more officially unofficial than ever thanks to our new URL, ! We are pleased to see how far this community has come from the small project it started as, and we sincerely look forward to what the future of RP in Ashes of Creation holds!
Shy / Jun 19, 2017
Hello everyone! We're pleased to announce that thanks to Halgrave's generosity, we've secured the domain name and will be working to transition to that seamlessly over the next few days/week. Nothing will be altered or changed on the website itself, so don't worry about having to switch all of your things over to a new site, or losing anything that you've been working on. This domain name will still be active, but will only contain a link redirecting people to the new address.

Thank you all for making this such a warm and welcoming community! We're gonna do great things together, so stay tuned, and be ready to update your bookmarks!
Shy / Apr 27, 2017
Welcome to the unofficial Ashes of Creation Roleplay website! It's my hope that this will come to serve as a repository for the AoC RP community to share and grow with eachother! Please read the rules and guidelines in the oh-so-appropriately titled 'Rules and Guidelines' section, and when you've done that, head over to the Introductions forum and say hello!