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Hey folks! Been a while!

Halgrave / Sep 24, 2020
Hey folks! Halgrave here. We've had some interested parties only able to see us from a guest view declaring us a dead site. While the site and Discord can lul at times, this news post is simply a declaration that we are here, and if folks wish to see activity, there's usually people around on the site or the Discord patiently and quietly waiting for the game to launch! Be sure to check us out and prod at us before officially declaring us as something we are far from. The game is far off from launch, and the great members that have found us so far do not disappoint when they have something to say! We welcome all newcomers and ask that you join us and poke around with your own words to foster more activity if that is what you would like to see. If not, we are but one option for folks to gather for RP organization outside of guild structures, and we hope to see you around!


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