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RenaDedante / Jul 26, 2021
Hello all!

Alpha one is is full swing now! I see we have some new people funneling in to the website and discord. Welcome to anyone joining new or rejoining with Alpha! We are excited to see the new faces and people as well. If you're lurking definitely feel free to make a profile! Our community is very much still alive, people are just waiting for more AOC information or the actual release. If you have anything you want to share or suggest feel free to let us know!
Halgrave / Sep 24, 2020
Hey folks! Halgrave here. We've had some interested parties only able to see us from a guest view declaring us a dead site. While the site and Discord can lul at times, this news post is simply a declaration that we are here, and if folks wish to see activity, there's usually people around on the site or the Discord patiently and quietly waiting for the game to launch! Be sure to check us out and prod at us before officially declaring us as something we are far from. The game is far off from launch, and the great members that have found us so far do not disappoint when they have something to say! We welcome all newcomers and ask that you join us and poke around with your own words to foster more activity if that is what you would like to see. If not, we are but one option for folks to gather for RP organization outside of guild structures, and we hope to see you around!
Halgrave / Aug 13, 2018
Hey folks! I would like to extend props toward Maevynn for our new site theme and design! As always we are a work in progress leading up to launch, but it is great to see the work Maevynn has put in. We would like to welcome the new members and the old, back to the forums where it also seems there is a new level of activity. Thank you all for joining up and continuing on with us as we build closer and closer to launch! With A1 coming, we look forward to meeting some of you in-game for rounds of partying up for PVP testing, and continuing on building the community's foundation.
Maevynn / Jun 08, 2018
Hello again everyone! Some may have noticed, others may have not—But there have been some minor changes to the site. I'll list them below quickly, so you all can know what's been done.

  • The rules and guidelines have been changed, check them out here!
    • This was done mainly to give people a more involved list to look at, and to know what to expect from those of us on the staff of the site.
  • The favicon of the site has been updated!
    • Now you can look across all of your tabs and find AoCRP easily!
  • The "World Discussion" and "Race Discussion" areas have been moved over to a new forum section called the Archives!
    • The Archives are where you'll be able to look at past sections that have been removed, just in case you have a post there you intend to reference. We don't imagine things will be moved there often!
  • In place of "World Discussion" and "Race Discussion", we've added the more general Lore Discussion forum!
    • Feel free to discuss, ask, and speculate to your heart's content! We did this to consolidate the lore discussion to one forum. Sub-forums can be added as necessary!

As always, if you'd like to stop by the Discord and say "Hello", it can be found by joining the forum and heading over to the related thread under "Announcements & Other Information"!
Maevynn / May 01, 2018
Hey everybody, it's Maevynn!

Another month, another step closer. PAX definitely seems to have stirred up some activity around the community over the past month, and we've seen a handful of new faces around here as well. Welcome, to all who that applies to! As has been said before, things are expected to get a bit quiet around here from time-to-time while we wait for more information—but things are still moving forward, even if slowly. I'd like to repeat that we really appreciate all of the members, and am excited to come together and RP with everyone!

Feel free to stop by the Discord channel if you'd like to say hello! It can be found by joining the forum and heading over to the related thread.
Halgrave / Mar 29, 2018
Hey folks! We are still around and continuing to prep behind the scenes for eventual lore drops so we can kick off the experience with class. It may get quiet in the community every so often while we all await more lore and opportunities to RP, but bear with us and we will thrive together. Thanks for checking us out!