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Male Tulnar Hunter (name pending)

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Joined: Aug 26, 2018
Gender: Female
State/Province: Arizona
City: Tolleson
I am long time roleplayer, but probably no pro I am sure. ;)
I love to create character concepts and try to be original with most of them(Though sometimes you do get that odd closeness to another person on mistake).

I also love to draw, write little things, and sometimes even act out my character in real life(accents, voice, and all). Perhaps this says I have to imagination-- but can you really have to much?

As such, to also use some of these skills, I have taken a fancy to drawing comics and graphic novels. My friend(who is also playing CO) is my writer and I see her like a sister(which I do call her at times) and I am the artist. Together we are working on projects, designs, and stories which we hope to one day be able to publish, but for now-- they are free on the web to read(since I am an amateur and have allot to learn).

I am located in Arizona and I went to an Art High school called Metropolitan Art Institute where I learned not only academic classes, but art classes of my choosing. Here I took Drawing for 3 years, Life drawing for 2, Theater for 2, and vocal(singing), creative writing, and ceramics for 1 year.

I think that about covers it. ;)