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Kasus Cloud

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Online: over 2 years ago
Joined: Apr 05, 2018
Nick Name: Kasus
Gender: Male
Country: United States of America
State/Province: Deep Country
City: Middle of Nowhere
I've been a roleplayer since 2006. Most of those years I've been a textplayer. I do not do Descriptive Gameplay frequently, (Applying Game Mechanic to RP.) as that's just not how I have done roleplay in the past; it's just not appealing to me, and it seems far too exploitable to be fun for me.

I'm a Southern, Down to Earth, Open, Honest man. I'll speak my mind and I can be fun to be around, and I'm usually quite relaxed.

I love talking about roleplay; hell I love talking with folks in general. You'll know if you see me in game, the name Kasus is pretty darn obvious. So message me sometime, I'm almost always down for joining in a RP or whatever else you're doing if I dont already have some obligations.