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Lore Discussion

Corruption and its many possible meanings?

While watching the 2/28/20 Ashes of Creation Development Update I coined in on Steven's use of the word 'Corruption' on the certain animals that were showcased; an example being the Bear corrupted by the ground or magma of Verra. It makes me wonde...
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Lore Discussion

Pre-Release Cosmetics Racial Lore

I spent some time digging through all of the pre-release cosmetics for the purpose of posting to my Ashes fanblog, and thought I'd share here as well!KAELAR — April 2018Though not confirmed to be Kaelar, these cosmetics fit the aesthetics of no on...
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Lore Discussion

Lore Gathering: General Advice/Thoughts

Since we don't know all that much at the moment, I figure we should probably at least start preparing for the storm of lore gathering that'll be happening! One thing I've seen happen in some communities is that we are very eager to start gatherin...
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