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Roleplay Discussion

Whilst we wait... What are you RPing in?

Other? List. What are you guys RPing in?I personally want to take it up in ESO.
Small LedgeTheOrc 3y
LedgeTheOrc216416Member avatar small Fiontan 354d
Roleplay Discussion

Arquus' Guide to Crafting Playable Characters

There's similar information in this awesome thread by Shy, but I wanted to take a crack at this topic myself.How do you make a character that will be consistently interesting to roleplay?Lots of people getting into RP, and even many experienced ro...
Member avatar small Arquus Nevros 2y
Arquus Nevros2835Small Khatos 2y
Roleplay Discussion

Certain races in different nodes?

A while back, either in one of the devs' videos or discord, they mentioned that the way the nodes look will be based on/affected by the race that worked on it the most. For example if "wood elves" are the majority in the node, the buildings will b...
Small Viktoryia 2y
Viktoryia3806Small Halgrave 2y
Roleplay Discussion

The Ultimate Sacrifice - RP Death

So after organizing a few thoughts on the concept of character death in AoC, I wanted to finally bring the thought into the only premise we all care about and get official opinions and concerns. For reference here are the (unofficially) known deta...
Member avatar small Jon Baeryn 2y
Jon Baeryn2604Member avatar small Aiveleen Ni'Hara, D√ľnir cleric 2y
Roleplay Discussion

Favored Settings and Races

Hey folks! While we are waiting for the release of Ashes of Creation, the staff at AoC RP also await racial overviews that could shed more proper light on the workings of the races and their cultures. After this is released, we will be hosting a...
Small Halgrave 2y
Halgrave3789Member avatar small Jon Baeryn 2y
Roleplay Discussion

Personal package company

Whilst I know that there is the in game caravan system, I thought that it would be nice to at some point after the game launches, set up a frequent package delivery event and I'm curious to see what your thoughts might be. Part of my thinking beh...
Small Megs 3y
Megs2562Small Museacia 3y
Roleplay Discussion

Controlling Corruption

Oh man. I think we have it. Maybe we're reading too much into it, maybe it's a lot of speculation. In the Art of War I definitely see the Predator's final attack to the cultists around the artifact. Definitely looked like a corruption / fire arrow...
Small LedgeTheOrc 3y
LedgeTheOrc2633Small Corvidae 3y
Roleplay Discussion <--- Neat tool!

Aurelija shared this with me, and it's a pretty awesome tool! I've not gotten to mess around with it much, but it looks like it would be pretty useful for people! website
Small Shy 3y
Shy3760Small Corvidae 3y
Roleplay Discussion

How To RP: A Collection of Words Not Written by Me

Hey. :]So this is a small collection of links that, in no specific order, are GREAT resources for first-time and veteran roleplayers alike (Let's admit it, it's easy to get stuck in bad RP habits!). If you have something you'd like to add/contribu...
Small Shy 3y
Shy2669Member avatar small PlasticLemons 3y
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