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Fan Creations

Quick Summary of a TTRPG in Verra

I just recently finished running a 6+ month campaign (table top RPG) based in Verra, or rather or imagination of Verra. We used Roll20 to play online with a bastardized version of the Burning Wheel system. (If you have questions regarding what we ...
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Fan Creations

The day to remember. Act 2.

Hey guys, if anyone wants a read of my short story Act 2, link below. :)The day to remember. Act2.
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Fan Creations

The day to remember. Short story.

Hey guys, so this is just a re-post of my original short story act 1 which i've posted onto the Ashes of Creation fan stories section. Link down below, feel free to check it out, was good fun writing it and would love for some peoples opinions, go...
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