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Ashes of Creation Discussion

[Pinned] RP Wishlist — Version 2.0!

Building on the idea of the awesome first RP wishlist thread, we'd like to gather together ideas to present cohesively on the official forums—so that the ideas and suggestions of AoCRP aren't scattered around, repeated, and so-on.To take some idea...
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Maevynn82048Small Maevynn 2y
Ashes of Creation Discussion

[Pinned] Other Region Roll Call!

Hello everyone! So far we have set up two regions fully on our forum, for future RP use, but we realize that we may have missed some folks in other regions! If you wish to see representation for your region here at Ashes of Creation Roleplay, le...
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Halgrave1528Small Halgrave 3y
Ashes of Creation Discussion

Character Death in AoC - Your Thoughts

As I was watching the AoC channel on Youtube, more specifically the Node System, I honed in on the idea of player owned and contested cities. Based on their explanation of the system, the one player that contributes the most to that area or takes ...
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Ashes of Creation Discussion

PvP in RP

Greetings folks! I thought to ask you guys a question and perhaps we could have a discussion about this without feelings getting hurt (this might be a somewhat touchy subject) it is basically about using gameplay mechanics such as PvP to solve in-...
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Ashes of Creation Discussion

Alpha 1

I was curious to see how many people in this community are going to be playing alpha 1. if there is a lot of positive feedback on it, I might dig up the 500$ and join in. If not, will wait and watch from a dark corner.
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Darksaber61255Small PocketNord 2y
Ashes of Creation Discussion


As you know the game won't be out for quite some time, we don't have much information regarding the game and everything is still a mystery. Patience is the key for this website, thus it'll be a slow movement towards becoming what we all wish it to...
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Corvidae203655Small Darksaber 2y
Ashes of Creation Discussion

RP finder

So I'm not a techy person... But if AoC ends up not providing the game with an official in game roleplayer 'finder', or ends up putting a limit of 'friends' lists, would anyone know who to talk to to discuss production of an 'unofficial' external ...
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Ashes of Creation Discussion

Ashes of Creation Anthology Series

Hello fellow RP community. My name is Makinoji or just Maki. I have recently reached out to a few community members to help gather content for a new story teller series I am working on. As a disclaimer I am not a professional video editor or youtu...
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Ashes of Creation Discussion


For all of our newer members, just a friendly reminder that we DO have a discord server! Feel free to check the details out at this link:
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Ashes of Creation Discussion

Questions about Housing/Seasons in AoC

Hello everyone!Sheesh, I've been busy recently-- I'm sorry I've been off the radar! But I'm posting today with a few questions/concerns about the Housing system and Seasons in AoC, and I'm wondering if any of these have been addressed already in t...
Small Museacia 3y
Museacia1405Small Museacia 3y
Ashes of Creation Discussion

RP Quality of Life Wishlist

One thing that I thought would help benefit the community is if we got together a list of things that we would like to see in AoC that would improve our lives. I'll start it off with two ideas:- A 'lay down' emote that isn't tied to a piece of fur...
Small Shy 3y
Shy152907Member avatar small Ariatras 3y
Ashes of Creation Discussion

Questions for Intrepid about the lore?

I'm going to be making a compilation of lore-oriented questions to present to Intrepid (on the AoC Forums, just compiling so it's all in one place), so that they can see the types of things we'd like to see elaborated on. Maybe we'd even get some...
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Ashes of Creation Discussion

Subrace Dances! [Speculation/Ideas]

Ello, Ashes community! So lately I've been thinking about dances in MMOs. A lot of people interested in the game have played MMOs of all kind, and have seen all kinds of dances, probably. (If their MMO has them) Since the Intrepid team wants to pr...
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