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Hello! My name is Jennifer-- or 'Raps' as I'm frequently called online-- and I'm so excited to see an official RP website is live! I've roleplayed in everything from Shadowbane to Warcraft to Starwars, Guild Wars 2, BDO and many others, and I can'...
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Oh man, I am so happy to find you all. My wife and I are excited about the game for so many reasons, but the biggest thing for us was, right from the start, that this is going to be an epic world to RP in. We backed the game (let's just say we hav...
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Hello everyone~

Hi everyone, I'm Corvidae your appointed AOCRP moderator! I thought since there was a, well, introduction place I'd put mine here just so you can know a little about one of your moderators! There's not much to know about me, I'm pretty much a very...
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Hello peeps and peepettes

Hi there everyone. So, uh, what to say. I really aint so hot at these things, so will just dive into RP and gaming experience.I have been PC gaming since the days of my mighty dx2 66, with a whopping 8meg of RAM (upgraded from 4 so I could play Wa...
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Greetings and Salutations!

So, I'm home from work now and have time to post a proper "Hello".I'm an "old school" gamer, going all the way back to the old "consoles" you connected to your TV in the '70s. We had a Coleco Telstar. It seems archaic now. But back in the day, ...
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Herro, all!

Isende here; long-time gamer who's ecstatic about the options I've seen, so far, in AoC. Currently I'm muddling my way through ME: Andromeda, plus hanging out in WoW with my husband (whom I met in WoW, seven amazing years ago!). My gaming experien...
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Hey folks~

Finally getting round to doing this. I'm a mid 30s professional ( partnered happily ) from East Canada. Been playing games and roleplaying in some form since a kid although these days I have less time for consistent long term roleplay and end up d...
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*Bear Spirits apperate a Orcish form* Hayo!

Hey guys!I'm a long time RPer across many games, primarily Tabletop for the past 5-6 years trying to find a decent gaming home. I'm a Mid-20s IT support for the local hospital by day, total immersion fiend by night. I'm also a gay male of the bear...
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Hey everyone!

I go by Veirryn, I'm a 22 year old Mechanical Engineering student and a long time roleplayer. I've been apart of many communities from WoW, Rift, SWTOR, GW2, ESO, etc. I spent most of my time in GW2 where I used to lead a popular Sylvari guild, si...
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Atusz - Hello everyone!

Hi everyone! My name is Attila, but Atusz will do just fine. I am a 19 year old hungarian student. I am going to study to be a teacher. In the terms of roleplay, I always liked to do it, but I never quite found the community to do with. My friends...
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Shy - Welcome and Hello!

Hello! A little about myself! I've been roleplaying on and off for the last eighteen years, since before MMO's were a thing - I initially cut my teeth on Wheel of Time MUDs (Text-based MMOs). My main games have been Fallen Earth, Neverwinter Onlin...
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Halgrave's Hello!

Name's Halgrave. Long-time RPer, and I'm glad to see communities get together. Hoping to watch Ashes of Creation and all those who play it thrive in whatever aspects they deem worthy of pursuit (mostly RP and PVP ;) )Once we get more lore and such...
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