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A Wild Alyria Appears

Hello Everyone! I have been a member of the page for some time now, lurking in the shadows until more information around Ashes of Creation became available. With the recent Developer Panel at Pax East I think it's time for me to come out of hiding...
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Kasus Cloud at your service!

Hello everyone!Let me start this introduction by saying I have been eagerly awaiting this mmorpg and I cant wait to get involved with this community and create some beautiful stories.I'm a late twenties software dev with a full time job that often...
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Who's that girl or boy?

It's been a while since I joined and I can't believe I didn't do this yet lolanywho. Hi, I'm Makinoji or Maki (mack-E). I was inspired by AOC and it's RP community to create my Youtube Channel Anthology. If you haven't check it out, it's got great...
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A wild Volga has appeared

Hello everyone. I'm rather new to the role play scene, but have been told I'm a natural so yay! I look forward to roleplaying in AoC. I had considered making a new character for AoC, but realized just how much I truly enjoy Volga that I believ...
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"A human or elf tank." joins the party!

Hi guys, this is "A human or elf tank.", thanks to the application for this website. ;PJoking aside, hello there! My name is Kildaroy, and I'm glad to have found a website that has begun to corral the like-minded individuals of the Ashes of Creati...
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Pleasure to meet you all

hello there its great to see this game getting such an active community so early into its development have been a while since i last roleplayed what with work taking up alot of my free time at the moment, though i am really looking forwar...
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What up, playas

How's it goin', everyone! You can call me Greezus. I've been playing games since I was like 5. I started on a PS1 and went from there. yada yada yada, I've played DnD a little bit with some very uncommitted people, but I enjoyed rp'ing while playi...
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I said Good Day!

Greetings to all!For intents and purposes I will introduce myself as Jon Baeryn. I discovered this amazingly created Enjin page looking into one of my most anticipated games in quite a long time! I have been a Roleplayer for well over a decade n...
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Hey folks, always a pleasure to see the community stepping up and creating communities like this one to promote the games they love. Happy to be here and looking forward to seeing what Ashes of Creation brings to the table!
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Anduin Kayvaan, a decade and a half in the making.

Hey all, So I have been playing MMOs for over a decade and been Rping for longer than that. Starting back in WC3 and Puzzle Pirates hilarious enough. But yeah I have had years of experience and crafting my IC persona and after many different evolv...
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self intro by Ninja Shadow

I only really been roleplaying for about 2 years now, so I am not extremely experienced with rp yet.One of the reasons why I got into rp is it is a great way to get new perspectives on how characters reactCan't say that I will be playing on an rp ...
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An Introduction

Hello Everyone!Well, I am super glad to see that there is already a Role-play community in place for Ashes of Creation! The site looks really good so far and it seems like it is updated on a regular basis which is awesome. Looking forward to shari...
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My potato is still missing

Much greets, much greets! Feel free to call me Illy-- I-L-L-Y. I go by the same username on the Ashes of Creation forum, so feel free to bother me there, too! ԅ(¯﹃¯ԅ)I started doing roleplaying when when I was... 10ishy? 9? Going on chatrooms to c...
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Don't read this

Oh damn, you read it. :DI'm Drakehiro, heya ^.^ New to online RP but I've got an active imagination and like RL RP (DnD and stuff) <3HMU whenever I'm always trolling around.
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*A sense of calming washes over you.*

Hello all, my name is El and this post was a long time coming, but I am a little bit shy (even over the internet). It has been quite some time since I dabbled in RPGs and Roleplay. I have been missing it! I previously roleplayed textually in diffe...
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Hey Gang!

I just found a link to this site on the AoC Discord - I'm glad someone set this type of community hub up, as I am eager to find out more about the lore of the game as it comes out. I'm looking forward to having some great discussions with you all ...
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Hola Folks!!

So, after lurking around for a week or so, I figured it was about time I introduced myself.I am 29 year old Network Engineer currently working for a ISP I have been gaming for as long as I can remember, starting when I was a wee boy with the Ninte...
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Hello! I am Skybourne. I am here to prepare for the re-entry into the world that we once called home. In RL I life in Florida. Die-hard gamer although I am just a semi-hardcore player whom loves RP. Been playing games for oh so so so long. I've pl...
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Hellllllooooo! I am so excited to be here! My husband previously found you guys and told me about you guys! [Ryliek is his name :P]. Anyway, I'm RebeccaJo and I am so happy to see an RP focused area. I was complaining to the hubby at lunch that I'...
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Hello to All!

I am the female (aka better half) of the Skybourne couple and I just wanted to give a big HELLO to everyone! RL I live in FL with my hubs (Skybourne here on the website) and our kid and pets. I am a semi-hardcore RPer with previous gaming exper...
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