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My potato is still missing

Much greets, much greets! Feel free to call me Illy-- I-L-L-Y. I go by the same username on the Ashes of Creation forum, so feel free to bother me there, too! ԅ(¯﹃¯ԅ)I started doing roleplaying when when I was... 10ishy? 9? Going on chatrooms to c...
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Ashes of Creation Discussion

RP Quality of Life Wishlist

One thing that I thought would help benefit the community is if we got together a list of things that we would like to see in AoC that would improve our lives. I'll start it off with two ideas:- A 'lay down' emote that isn't tied to a piece of fur...
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Character Art/Inspiration

Raps' Artbox

Hello! I'm Museacia!Welcome to my Artbox. 😀 This is the topic where I'll periodically post my amateur adventures in artstuffs! I'm not presently producing much art for AoC specifically (-simply because the actual launch of the game is so far out,...
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Character Artist: Museacia

Hello Everyone! Art! It's something I love to do and something I love to share! If you're interested in checking out my work, I have a general AoC Art-Topic here on our forums <right here!>Though it's still a bit early for me to begin draw...
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Don't read this

Oh damn, you read it. :DI'm Drakehiro, heya ^.^ New to online RP but I've got an active imagination and like RL RP (DnD and stuff) <3HMU whenever I'm always trolling around.
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*A sense of calming washes over you.*

Hello all, my name is El and this post was a long time coming, but I am a little bit shy (even over the internet). It has been quite some time since I dabbled in RPGs and Roleplay. I have been missing it! I previously roleplayed textually in diffe...
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Ashes of Creation Discussion

Questions for Intrepid about the lore?

I'm going to be making a compilation of lore-oriented questions to present to Intrepid (on the AoC Forums, just compiling so it's all in one place), so that they can see the types of things we'd like to see elaborated on. Maybe we'd even get some...
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Hey Gang!

I just found a link to this site on the AoC Discord - I'm glad someone set this type of community hub up, as I am eager to find out more about the lore of the game as it comes out. I'm looking forward to having some great discussions with you all ...
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Ashes of Creation Discussion

Subrace Dances! [Speculation/Ideas]

Ello, Ashes community! So lately I've been thinking about dances in MMOs. A lot of people interested in the game have played MMOs of all kind, and have seen all kinds of dances, probably. (If their MMO has them) Since the Intrepid team wants to pr...
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Hola Folks!!

So, after lurking around for a week or so, I figured it was about time I introduced myself.I am 29 year old Network Engineer currently working for a ISP I have been gaming for as long as I can remember, starting when I was a wee boy with the Ninte...
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Hello! I am Skybourne. I am here to prepare for the re-entry into the world that we once called home. In RL I life in Florida. Die-hard gamer although I am just a semi-hardcore player whom loves RP. Been playing games for oh so so so long. I've pl...
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Hellllllooooo! I am so excited to be here! My husband previously found you guys and told me about you guys! [Ryliek is his name :P]. Anyway, I'm RebeccaJo and I am so happy to see an RP focused area. I was complaining to the hubby at lunch that I'...
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Hello to All!

I am the female (aka better half) of the Skybourne couple and I just wanted to give a big HELLO to everyone! RL I live in FL with my hubs (Skybourne here on the website) and our kid and pets. I am a semi-hardcore RPer with previous gaming exper...
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Hello! My name is Jennifer-- or 'Raps' as I'm frequently called online-- and I'm so excited to see an official RP website is live! I've roleplayed in everything from Shadowbane to Warcraft to Starwars, Guild Wars 2, BDO and many others, and I can'...
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Roleplay Discussion

Personal package company

Whilst I know that there is the in game caravan system, I thought that it would be nice to at some point after the game launches, set up a frequent package delivery event and I'm curious to see what your thoughts might be. Part of my thinking beh...
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Oh man, I am so happy to find you all. My wife and I are excited about the game for so many reasons, but the biggest thing for us was, right from the start, that this is going to be an epic world to RP in. We backed the game (let's just say we hav...
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Hello everyone~

Hi everyone, I'm Corvidae your appointed AOCRP moderator! I thought since there was a, well, introduction place I'd put mine here just so you can know a little about one of your moderators! There's not much to know about me, I'm pretty much a very...
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Hello peeps and peepettes

Hi there everyone. So, uh, what to say. I really aint so hot at these things, so will just dive into RP and gaming experience.I have been PC gaming since the days of my mighty dx2 66, with a whopping 8meg of RAM (upgraded from 4 so I could play Wa...
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Roleplay Discussion

Controlling Corruption

Oh man. I think we have it. Maybe we're reading too much into it, maybe it's a lot of speculation. In the Art of War I definitely see the Predator's final attack to the cultists around the artifact. Definitely looked like a corruption / fire arrow...
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Game Resources

Interview with SS

A friend shared this one with our gaming group on Facebook today and I thought I'd share it here. Apologies if this isn't the correct forum.
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