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Lore Discussion

Pre-Release Cosmetics Racial Lore

I spent some time digging through all of the pre-release cosmetics for the purpose of posting to my Ashes fanblog, and thought I'd share here as well!KAELAR — April 2018Though not confirmed to be Kaelar, these cosmetics fit the aesthetics of no on...
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Character Art/Inspiration

OtterlySilly's Sketchbook

Some rough sketches of a Nikua dwarf.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Heyo Spaghettios

Hi, I'm a fairly new RPer. I've mostly DM'd some D&D campaigns and dabbled as a character in others. Hopefully I can make some memorable stories (like accidentally teleporting a whale onto a nearby ship) and bring my character to life. Lookin...
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Heya,I'll be RPing here when game comes out :).See you all there!
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So, I'm going to take a page from the Hello the Internet intro and actually flesh out what I didn't end up saying over on the main Ashes forum.I've been an on again, off again RPer since the summer of 1984, when I was just coming up on my 4th birt...
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Massively Off-Topic

A Music Thread!

What's everyone listening to?Some Pop stuff I'm listening to: type stuff:
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Hello The Internet!

Hello The Internet, I’m Khatos! I come as an emissary on behalf of my group of RP’ing friends. Some of us are Kickstarter backers and all of us are salivating in anticipation for this game to launch. I am super excited to see an RP community fo...
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Good Day!

Name is Artica Skybourne. I have been RPing for several years now in various MMOs under various names. Most recently have been RPing in BDO with friends and developing an ongoing story based around characters in the game.Looking forward to AoC ...
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Lore Discussion

Lore Gathering: General Advice/Thoughts

Since we don't know all that much at the moment, I figure we should probably at least start preparing for the storm of lore gathering that'll be happening! One thing I've seen happen in some communities is that we are very eager to start gatherin...
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Roleplay Discussion

Arquus' Guide to Crafting Playable Characters

There's similar information in this awesome thread by Shy, but I wanted to take a crack at this topic myself.How do you make a character that will be consistently interesting to roleplay?Lots of people getting into RP, and even many experienced ro...
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Greetings from a lone traveler

Greetings to the community. I am a huge fan of rp, as my background dates back to years of D&D, AD&D, CRPGs, and Online CRPG's. My latest avenue was Neverwinter Nights and Neverwinter Nights 2, where the RP was *really* hardcore. I was ded...
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Ashes of Creation Discussion

Alpha 1

I was curious to see how many people in this community are going to be playing alpha 1. if there is a lot of positive feedback on it, I might dig up the 500$ and join in. If not, will wait and watch from a dark corner.
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Ashes of Creation Discussion


As you know the game won't be out for quite some time, we don't have much information regarding the game and everything is still a mystery. Patience is the key for this website, thus it'll be a slow movement towards becoming what we all wish it to...
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...Stop, hey, what's that sound?

Hellooo, I'm PocketNord. 😁 salutesI'm a 24 year old homosexual finishing up his Fine Arts degree, in Jacksonville, Florida (A.K.A. Orlando's humorless swampy cousin/Snowbird Preserve). I spend most of my time listening to oldies and obscure alte...
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Fan Creations

Quick Summary of a TTRPG in Verra

I just recently finished running a 6+ month campaign (table top RPG) based in Verra, or rather or imagination of Verra. We used Roll20 to play online with a bastardized version of the Burning Wheel system. (If you have questions regarding what we ...
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Letter of introduction

Hello,My name is Mario, my gamerstag is Ariatras. Though, for ease, people tend to call me Aria. I tend to respond to either three.My roleplaying adventures started when I made friends in school, friends that were into computers (I wasn't as much)...
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Hello all! After a year of being on the forums with an account, and my increased excitement for Ashes, I've finally decided to post here. My name is Rhuk, I come from a long history of role playing, PvE and PvPing in numerous MMOs over the last tw...
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Other Games

What Are You Playing Until Launch?

Hey folks! As of this opening post we have quite a long while to wait until the game we created this site for officially launches. What are you doing until it does launch to kill the time? I've recently returned to The Division, started in Blac...
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Howdy o7

Hello!I just wanted to poke my head around and toss out a friendly hello! I've been anxiously waiting for Ashes of Creation while playing other games in the meantime. I started out roleplaying on Neverwinter Nights back in the day, some folks mig...
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A Wild Alyria Appears

Hello Everyone! I have been a member of the page for some time now, lurking in the shadows until more information around Ashes of Creation became available. With the recent Developer Panel at Pax East I think it's time for me to come out of hiding...
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