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[Pinned] Compiled SS & Info pics

Hey all!Sometimes it becomes a bit daunting looking through the discord for Steven's leaks, or random shared pics. There are plenty of places to find it, sure, but I save some pics to help my friends out when they want info. So I figured I'll sha...
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Ashes of Creation Discussion

[Pinned] RP Wishlist — Version 2.0!

Building on the idea of the awesome first RP wishlist thread, we'd like to gather together ideas to present cohesively on the official forums—so that the ideas and suggestions of AoCRP aren't scattered around, repeated, and so-on.To take some idea...
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Forum Rules & Guidelines

[Pinned] AoCRP's Rules & Guidelines

Welcome to Ashes of Creation RoleplayAn Unofficial Roleplay Community for Ashes of Creation!We are pleased to present AoCRP as an option for Roleplayers to gather and share their content with the purpose of creating a helpful and communicative at...
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Ashes of Creation Discussion

[Pinned] Other Region Roll Call!

Hello everyone! So far we have set up two regions fully on our forum, for future RP use, but we realize that we may have missed some folks in other regions! If you wish to see representation for your region here at Ashes of Creation Roleplay, le...
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Refound 2019 Halloween Submission!

Hey all!Last year AOC did a halloween submission for some form of art. I don't completely recall it but I tried to do a piece of how I thought necromancers would look like! The overall art path I chose starting with a traditional art concept on pa...
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Greetings everyone!

ChaiTea135 here, you can just call me Chai. I'm really excited to join this amazing community!I don't have much RP or MMORPG experience but I'm a big fan of both subjects as well as most things fantasy. I'm happy to learn and play with everyone he...
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Master dwarf, at your service

Hail fine folks! I come bringing trade and brew for all to enjoy!((haha for real though, I am glad to be invited into the community and look forward to meeting all of you!))
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Ello Ello Lovelies!

Good day to you, I'm Smiley. I've been a Roleplayer for about three years now in a variety of games, from the classics of World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy to the oddities on Garry's Mod and other games. It's a joy to write and create, but its e...
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Lore Discussion

Corruption and its many possible meanings?

While watching the 2/28/20 Ashes of Creation Development Update I coined in on Steven's use of the word 'Corruption' on the certain animals that were showcased; an example being the Bear corrupted by the ground or magma of Verra. It makes me wonde...
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Roleplay Discussion

Whilst we wait... What are you RPing in?

Other? List. What are you guys RPing in?I personally want to take it up in ESO.
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Hello, everyone.

Very much looking forward to this game. I forgot I had a forum account here.Anyway, I plan on making an elf (most likely Empyrean), and would love to have a network with other elves to roleplay with. Pleased to meet everyone.
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Greetings and welcome to my introduction!I am Ferretstalker, no relation. Some lost souls may know me from a couple different games, most notably ESO, where I played the grumpy half-orc Gaegron Snowmane for over three years. Long time! In ashes I'...
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Ashes of Creation Discussion

Character Death in AoC - Your Thoughts

As I was watching the AoC channel on Youtube, more specifically the Node System, I honed in on the idea of player owned and contested cities. Based on their explanation of the system, the one player that contributes the most to that area or takes ...
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It is I - Cael! ...inmarie.

Hey guys! I've been lurking around for a while, responded to some posts. Became a necromancer. Yay!I've been RPing since I was pretty young. I won't mention the horror stories, but I'm sure you can imagine what atrocities a 13 year old can come up...
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Ashes of Creation Discussion

PvP in RP

Greetings folks! I thought to ask you guys a question and perhaps we could have a discussion about this without feelings getting hurt (this might be a somewhat touchy subject) it is basically about using gameplay mechanics such as PvP to solve in-...
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Hi there!

Hi everyone, nice to meet you, I'm Aevari!I'll be playing AoC when it's released, I live in Australia so I'll be playing on the OCE servers, unless there is no RP community there, then I might just have to brave slightly less optimal ping to RP on...
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A bard has joined the party!

Greetings and salutaions, friends! *flamboyant bow*As my profile suggests, my name is Rjaka. I've been an MMO gamer since early 2000 with the original Everquest (I missed the '99 launch ):). During my Everquest days, I was an avid roleplayer, but ...
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Nice to meet you!

Hello everybody,I am Vale from Germany. It's nice to meet a RP community and having a nice welcome like I just had on your discord. Thank you all :) So, normally I would say now, that I am looking forward to play Ashes of Creation, but who doesn't...
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Greetings, friends

Hello everyone, I'm themagicpizza, just call me pizza in non rp though because that is way too annoying to say/ type. I will be starting out in AoC in Alpha 2 on the NA servers, so i definitely looking forward to all the nonsense that will happen ...
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Massively Off-Topic


Time for my public service, apparently.I've spent entirely too much time on various forums, waiting for games to hit live, or beta, or what have you, and many of them have threatened to go stagnant. Y'know what combats stagnation? The Word Associa...
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