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#14318758 Feb 29, 2020 at 10:49 AM
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While watching the 2/28/20 Ashes of Creation Development Update I coined in on Steven's use of the word 'Corruption' on the certain animals that were showcased; an example being the Bear corrupted by the ground or magma of Verra. It makes me wonder if corruption could be just the right word used in describing the nature of both Verra and all of its inhabitants, or rather simply Verra's connection to its inhabitants both long term and short term. An idea popped into my mind, in a lore perspective, that Verra is an aggressive planet with an ecosystem that -corrupts- and in the long term sense of corruption you'd find an evolution of creatures that take the same shape but out of form take that of their ecosystem... Short term corruption being that creatures and players simply become aggressive aka Player Killers. Since the possible two different corruption systems are coined from the same word I figured it could be more useful -or- it is the right case to bring them together.

Ideas stemming from this include:
- A specific corrupted looks applied to a PKer going along with the red tag; the majority of their kills were next to the lava flow so they get a Magma-like look added to their character.

- Corrupted animals being more aggressive to all types of other animals both corrupted or non-corrupted.

- Verra's corruption being a simple matter of its own 'radiation' that explorers over the centuries built a tolerance to but it has to be up to the person/creature to reject it.

All conjecture for possible lore and in-game mechanics linking to one another, as it would be great to see the tie-ins or 'how it works' at some point in AoC's possible long future, stemming from these early beginnings.
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#14323804 Mar 10, 2020 at 03:48 AM
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I've always felt that Corruption itself was too vague of a name to describe as many things as it seems to affect. It would have helped them out a bit as a team to label things a bit differently based upon the effect for us lore nerds in this corner of the community. That said, the theory presented holds weight to me. Seems like it's likely to be what they mean to convey with the broad term, as unfortunately vague as it is. Hopefully they allow the player base to rename or otherwise comment on the different mechanics a bit once we've really gotten a chance to test it all in the MMO.
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