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Greetings and salutaions, friends! *flamboyant bow*

As my profile suggests, my name is Rjaka. I've been an MMO gamer since early 2000 with the original Everquest (I missed the '99 launch ):). During my Everquest days, I was an avid roleplayer, but tapered off through other games. Some RP through WoW and Archeage, now currently Final Fantasy 14, but it hasn't quite been the same. I feel it's partly because the games out these days don't set a dedicated roleplay server and only have 'Unofficial Roleplay Server' that I never know about until much later because I never knew where to look or who to ask. Which, sadly, I know Intrepid will not be doing so for Ashes. But! I'm very thankful I stummbled across the forum post pointing to this community!

Everquest 1 does have a dedicated roleplay server, and in it there are specific rules to that server. A maximum of two character slots, almost all items can be traded (very few no-trade type times) and there was no "Common' language shared between all races. [There are more, but I only mentioned these because it directs the server to be very community driven, which is still the most amazing community I have ever know in any MMO. (Since I haven't gotten to know anyone here yet!)] Languages, thankfully, they weren't that difficult to learn, you just had to find someone who knew it already and could spam it at you. I took advantage of in the most traveling minstrel way that I could.

I had pages and pages of lore from all races and regions that were either handwritten or saved via good 'ol Notepad that I turned into small songs or short stories telling the fables of that race in their native tongue. All the while guiding my groups through area's they needed to get through, or to specific spots for specific mobs. (My favortie was Lower Guk. Everone wanted the Guise of the Deceiver.)
I lost most of my physical things, though, when the boxes I had it stored in were damaged when my house was flooded. Then, to kick me while I was down, my computer crashed and then I lost everything... I was so devistated and my mom couldn't understand why I was crying so much. ( I really did cry, though!) I learned in the most difficult way to start saving back-ups on other drives, USB's or plastic totes. Nothing is safe!

After that, I lost interest in roleplaying since my lifes work was ripped from me. (Only six years worth!) But, gradually, I've been getting back in the swing of it and now, more than ever, I want to make new stories like I did in Everquest. Even though classic Everquest has it's now *much* dated graphics and character design, there was such depth and richness to the lore and other players who were just as enthusiastic, made none of that matter. While games now, like Final Fantasy, have amazing graphics and thorough character designs, it's story is so linear. There is no D&D aspect at all. The story is still amazing, don't get me wrong! But I'm a mischief maker at heart and just don't play the 'good-guy' well.

On that note, I'll wrap things up.
To those of you who made it through my long windedness; Congratulations! You've won absolutly nothing! But thank you for reading my story. I, like so many here, am so excited about the future that Ashes will bring and hope you'll have me on for part of this adventure!

Now I just need to find me a cool signature!
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