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I spent some time digging through all of the pre-release cosmetics for the purpose of posting to my Ashes fanblog, and thought I'd share here as well!

KAELARApril 2018

Though not confirmed to be Kaelar, these cosmetics fit the aesthetics of no one else and also fit the pattern of the cosmetics being divided into two, with 'Human, Elf, Orc, Dwarf' on each side. (Kaelar/Py'rai/Vek/Dünir → Ren'kai/Vaelune/Empyrean/Niküa)

There isn't a whole lot to break down with this one, though it does touch on a few things. Religion seems to be an important aspect ('Reverence' happening twice is no coincidence), nobles are mentioned as well. 'Protection' and a sense of duty seem to be emphasized. Though it's just a theory — it's possible that the 'Protectors' are a Kaelar organization of some sort considering the name of 'Protector' popping up twice.

Protector’s Armor

Full plate will keep you and your allies unscathed.

Shield of Reverence

Protect those in need.

Wings of Reverence

For nobles of the highest order.

Protector’s Sanctuary

Look to Creation for guidance with this freehold sanctuary skin!

Sky’s Vengeance

Death from above.

Protector’s Pride

A pet lion is a good way to stay safe.


PY'RAIMay 2018

The Py'rai pack seems to mention a group/title called "Sentinels" as they were specifically capitalized. As expected there's a large focus on nature, and one of our first lore characters is revealed: Herbologist Py'len. Observing/watching (as a 'sentinel' does as well, by the traditional definition) seems to play a large part when it comes to this pack.

Sentinel’s Hide

More than just a Sentinel’s will protects them from the wild.

Cloak of Eminence

For when you need to stand out.

Woodland’s Freighter

Nature moving nature.

Py’len’s Greenery

Herbologist Py’len’s studies never ended, he spent most of his time in his Greenery.

Swift Claw

Faster than most, feel lucky the Swift Claw is on your side.

Watcher of the Woods

Even the small can be a trusted watcher.


VEKJune 2018

All of the Vek principles come forward here: Celestial. Purpose. Fate.

Some of the items imply seeing the future, as would be expected. The Tormentor's Visage gives us the distinct impression that the Vek are not necessarily always pleasant as a culture (what else could the 'horrors of past victories' be than those bones?), and it seems that they have perhaps the most peculiar pet: The Seer of the Infinite, which brings to mind something akin to a Beholder. The meaning of "Velkor" is also entirely unknown, though chances are it is a name.

Threads of Fate

Spin the threads of Fate and delight in the stories yet untold.

Tormentor’s Visage

Torment your enemies with the horrors of your past victories with this face accessory.

Star Chaser

Pierce through the waves of the infinite sea aboard this Star Chaser.

Velkor’s Eye

Peer into the stars with this custom Freehold appearance.

Shell of the Ancients

Some say the Gods themselves touched the soul of this creature.

Seer of the Infinite

Gaze into the infinite abyss and know the path ahead.


DÜNIRJuly 2018

As expected of the traditional Dünir, a couple of the items call to attention the glory of their past. Dünthol is named as a lore character, seemingly unmatched in skill. Mining and crafting naturally make a very prominent appearance, and 'runic fashion' seems to be a concept known to the Dünir as well.

Vestments of the Runecarvers

Spun in the ancestral mountains of Dünheim.

Spellbreaker’s Gauntlets

The latest runic fashion with a freshly mined gem.

Ramstone Hauler

A well defended caravan is a successful caravan.

Dünthol’s Forge

Many seek the skill of Dünthol, but none equal his mastery.


A mount as grizzly as its people.


The warrior of the quarry. None are his equal.


REN'KAIAugust 2018

Though not confirmed to be Ren'kai, the chances of this pack being Ren'kai themed are extremely high due to the inspirations used such as Chinese 'junk' ships, the helmets clearly taking inspiration from Japanese helmets, the building looking to be inspired by East Asian styles. Another aspect of this that seems to come through is the emphasis on rage and war. As the Ren'kai description states: "When a Ren'Kai becomes enraged though, there aren't many men or beasts who can live and tell the tale."

We see aspects of ancestral worship and animism here, with the 'guardianship of the winds' and 'spirits of the ancestors'. The Warhorn mentions marks on the skin denoting battles one, perhaps even bringing back some ideas of the Vek-themed accessory.

Wrath’s Legacy

Let the rage flow through you.

Shroud of the Fallen

Let the spirits of the ancestors guide your hand in battle.

The Wind’s Veil

Glide across the sea under the guardianship of the winds.

Hunter’s Dwelling

A tanner’s paradise - craft the finest leathers in this freehold lodging.

Noble Warhorn

Each mark on his skin carries the weight of battles won.

Wrath’s Harbinger

A flurry of sharp claws and gnashing teeth are only a taste of what’s to come.


VAELUNESeptember 2018

The "Magistrates of the Sands" imply — like some other pre-order packs — that they are a Vaelune organization. Specifically they seem to be law enforcers. This is naturally in line with the Vaelune principles: Trade. Law. Hardship.

Khyber is an interesting name, and in real life refers to the Khyber Pass. This pass was an important part of the Silk Road, and the name in real life pays homage to this area. The 'Drywind Company' seems to be yet another organization — this time a trading company. Spices are specifically mentioned as a traded good.

Magistrate of the Sands

In the desert, they are the law.

Khyber’s Jewel

The saddle used by Khyber himself.

Drywind Company Caravan

Spices fetch a high price, especially those that travel this far.

Stables of the Oasis

A good respite from the harsh sands.


You see your enemies, your Scalerunner sees a meal.

Dunewing Falcon

The Dunewing Falcon pierces through the sandstorm to find its prey.

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