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#13860800 Sep 18, 2018 at 01:35 AM
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Hi everyone, nice to meet you, I'm Aevari!

I'll be playing AoC when it's released, I live in Australia so I'll be playing on the OCE servers, unless there is no RP community there, then I might just have to brave slightly less optimal ping to RP on the NA Servers. We'll see how we go!

I've been RPing for about.... 10 years now, give or take a few years in between where I stopped. I first started RPing on deviantArt in the chat rooms there, did a forum RP at some point and now mostly RP over Discord/Skype. I've never had the opportunity to RP in an actual MMO even though I've been playing WoW for a long time, lol. So definitely looking forward to trying out in game RPing in the near future. Also greatly looking forward to RPing with new people here in the forums. :)

I'm open to RPing the following Genres: Adventure, Action, Drama and a little Comedy, however, I am a sucker for a good action/adventure RP.

In addition to Role Playing I'll also be looking to record my character's adventures in art form and hope to open a little blog for it when I get started.

Look forward to Rping with you!

"If you lose sight of something, the only person who can find it again is you"
#13863938 Sep 22, 2018 at 10:30 AM
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Welcome! Great to have you with us! We're really hoping to see the OCE RP community thrive and be an option for OCE region players as well — though obviously without there being region locks, people are more than welcome to hop onto NA if that's their choice.

RPing in an MMO is a lot of fun, with its own unique challenges and benefits. If you have any questions about RPing in an MMO, you can feel completely free to ask anyone around the community about it and I'm sure someone will be more than willing to help out.

Looking forward to RPing with you as well!
#13897880 Nov 12, 2018 at 02:41 AM
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Hello! I'm new here, too, but I wanted to welcome you all the same.

Since we live in different parts of the world, we'll most likely not be on the same server, but I hope you'll post a link to your blog. I'd love to follow along in your adventures.

Happy hunting, friend!
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