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I just recently finished running a 6+ month campaign (table top RPG) based in Verra, or rather or imagination of Verra. We used Roll20 to play online with a bastardized version of the Burning Wheel system. (If you have questions regarding what we changed, feel free to ask) I figured I’d give just a small summary of what we accomplished during the past few months. We started with a Session 0 where we decided to do an intrigue campaign, but that is not exactly where it ended.
I started by setting the stage; a massive, dangerous, mysterious bayou was not what the first travelers expected when they came out of the gateway. Based on the old writings, this should have been in an open Savannah in the center of a large continent. They had prematurely named their new settlement Starengar to exemplify its fortuned stability. Through many years of turmoil, those that survived had cobbled together a settlement built into the gargantuan trees that could touch the clouds. A council, elected by the citizens, had been formed to help them survive, as that was their main concern. The council had a head who would vote if there was a tie, but her word was law in times of war. The councils; Hunting & Gathering, Arcane Arts, Housing, Security, Trade, and Diplomacy; had succeeded in making the bayou a livable place that had begun to prosper due to the magic moss that grew up the trees (it had magical properties that could be exploited throughout Verra). The previous Councilor of Arcane Arts (Zerax) has fallen into senile ramblings and a new Councilor has been summoned from beyond the gateway (Player Character #1 – Jonathan Prestor). As he is not yet accustomed to the lands of Verra and his knowledge is mostly academic, an Elvish ranger has been hired from the Southern mountain town of Ostium due to her fabled accomplishments (PC #2 – Yvane Dwemer).
My PCs began their story but meeting the council. Immediately, their characters distrusted the Councilor of Diplomacy (Orc shaman named Muzga who boasted about causing coups across the desert). They seemed to trust the rest of the council, for now. They were tasked with simple things at first; exploring the Eastern ruins, reinforcing barriers against the swamp worms (regenerative worms that turn the dirt into a mooshy water substance. Zerax had made a barrier to protect the town, but it was failing.), etc. After a few sessions, a woman (Niseries) from the desert town of Praba wanted to search some of the surrounding areas for an ancient artifact from before the calamity. The PCs were immediately distrusting of her, as Jonathan was able to tell she was trying to hide her magic. They decided to investigate her belongings prior to leaving to excavate the area she wanted to search. They found a “map” and some cold iron, which they decided to take.
Yvane was able to use her tracking to find the position on the map. They found a buried temple on the border of the bayou and the desert. Through some challenges, they made it deep into the chambers and found a room containing a tomb in front of a throne. Through some quick thinking, they managed to talk to the ancient spirit of Khurazgar (a man whose enchanting was legend before the calamity). He informed them that Niserie had been an elf who gave herself to the fae a long time ago. Khurazagr allowed the PCs to take his orb encased in his tomb to save it from Niserie.
*I had intended to only have 2 other artifacts and for it not to be a BIG portion of the campaign, but one of the PCs rolled quite well and in Burning Wheel, the PCs have a lot of agency. He said that the there was an artifact for all the deadly sins, so 7 in total. I realized at this point that this was going to be the main story of the campaign. *
Through many months and countless close calls, Jonathan had bound himself to many of the artifacts of Khurazgar and he was starting to lose himself. Yvane had made an oath to protect Jonathan at all costs. Niserie had tried to stop them at many points, but she had not been able to confront them directly due to Fae intricacies. They saved a dragon from being sacrificed to try to resurrect a dead god. They found out that one of the larger cities was created entirely by the conjuration (sloth) artifact. They faced inner demons when they entered into a mind colosseum against sorcerers employing the illusion artifact. All this culminating in them finding out that Niserie (original name Isyaril) wanted to go through a gateway to solidify herself as a god on the old world. An epic battle ensued where the PCs somehow summoned an angel of the god Junil (God of Order) to help in their defense. Jonathan ended up becoming The Brightlord (the player likened it to the Lich King where two “people” melded together to become one being). They thwarted her plans, but before she took her last breath she informed them that with her death, the god of death would be uncaged.

I shortened a lot of the story and the system we used. If you have any questions regarding anything, just let me know. I figured that it might be interesting to some of you to know that there are games being played in “Verra” even if a lot of this story assumes things that aren’t true. I also didn't really edit this as it's just a casual post about some friends being nerds.
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Interesting take on Verra! While we wait on Intrepid to turn on the lore IV drip, it's awesome to see people already impassioned and actively engaging with the setting!
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That drip can't come soon enough! RP is how we stay excited for AoC :)
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