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Welcome to Ashes of Creation Roleplay
An Unofficial Roleplay Community for Ashes of Creation!

We are pleased to present AoCRP as an option for Roleplayers to gather and share their content with the purpose of creating a helpful and communicative atmosphere for those with similar interests. The following lists our general guidelines and rules, so that everyone is on the same page regarding what you can expect from this community. We would like to keep the list direct and easy to understand, but this list is always subject to suggestion and change as the community develops.


Be Respectful

Discriminatory language such as negative speech in relation to race, ethnic group, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, and so-on will not be tolerated

Out of respect for others, please refrain from discussing real world politics and religion
  • Discussing this in the sense of the Ashes of Creation universe’s politics and religion is entirely fine and even encouraged.
Harassment and flaming will not be tolerated
  • This includes but is not limited to inbox spam, out-of-character insults, purposefully “baiting” an individual, and so-on.
Refrain from drama and general toxicity
  • Attempts at spreading and refuting rumors, callouts, taunting, and other forms of attempts to cause or perpetuate drama will be removed and dealt with accordingly.
  • This includes conflicts between guilds. Please keep this other places.
In-Character disrespect
  • IC disrespect is permitted on the AoCRP site. However, if this proves to extend OOC in some capacity (such as inciting drama or general toxicity), the moderation staff will act accordingly.
Please post primarily in English
  • We understand that English is not everyone’s first language and ask for understanding when it comes to this topic, as the staff cannot reasonably moderate posts in languages they do not understand fluently.

Be Constructive

No spamming and double-posting
  • Sometimes double-posting happens when we don’t intend for it to. If this happens to you, please do what you can to edit it in to your past post and delete the double-post. Constructive double-posts, or double-posts such as permitted bumping or those adding multiple sections to their character profiles, event, or guild recruitment page is allowed.
  • Avoid spamming mass amounts of messages with no purpose.
No thread necromancy
  • If a topic has been dead for a very long time and other threads have moved to the top instead, please refrain from posting in them to bump them to the top without good reason (though sometimes an old thread will warrant further commentary). Bringing up entirely resolved threads counts especially.
  • Also refrain from simply recreating locked or deleted topics. This will be seen as circumventing moderation.
  • Refrain from bumping a thread for the purpose of bringing a topic to the top of the forum to gain more attention. We ask that posters in guild recruitment sections only bump their threads once per week—and that posters in event, bulletin board, and project sections only bump their threads when the topic at hand requires it.
Stay on topic in the appropriate forums and threads.
  • Long-running derailment may result in warnings and eventually the locking of the thread.
  • Unrelated topics should be discussed in appropriate threads. If there isn’t a thread for what you want to discuss, feel free to make one so long as it follows the rules.
Commercial advertisements must be related to Ashes of Creation or AoCRP.
  • Permitted commercial advertisements include user-created content (such as art, music, writing, and so-on). Other forms of commercial advertisement must be first approved by the staff of AoCRP.

No Sockpuppeting

Any accounts aside from the main account must be clearly linked to the main account in some way.

Additional accounts cannot be used for the purpose of getting around moderation decisions or manipulating topics and other users.

No NSFW Content

Currently we do not know the rating of Ashes of Creation, and thus we are operating as if it will be rated “T for Teen” under the ESRB rating and assuming there will be minors among the community.

This means no explicit content or content that is graphical in nature. This includes images, text, audio files, videos, and so-on, and does include avatars and signatures.
  • Examples include content that is: pornography, gore, mutilation.
More mature themes are allowed in character profiles, stories & journals, and forum roleplay so long as they aren’t explicit and the thread itself is appropriately tagged in the title. When this is deemed to have gone over the line, however, it will be moderated accordingly. If something is liable to upset or offend people, please use a tag.
  • Examples of appropriate tags include:
    • [Warning: Child Abuse]
    • [Warning: Graphic Content]
    • [Warning: Excessive Language]


Once more, we are trying to gather a good, happy community here. In that regard we hold everyone accountable for the rules and guidelines in this thread. Do not hesitate to contact any of us with concerns about the site or other members, and together we can be proud of this community. Thank you for joining Ashes of Creation Roleplay, and we look forward to seeing you on the forums as well as in-game!
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