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#13551137 Dec 02, 2017 at 03:20 AM
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So after organizing a few thoughts on the concept of character death in AoC, I wanted to finally bring the thought into the only premise we all care about and get official opinions and concerns. For reference here are the (unofficially) known details surrounding OOC player death:

No perma death, but your respawn location depends on your corruption level, which is effected by your hostility to people in that area.

Most deaths includes something similar to a "going into the hole" negative xp system where your progression gets severely hindered and equipment degrades.

In certain high stakes pvp situations, resource loot drops and even player gear drops are a potential.

In the event of a seige to a node that youre a citizen or owner of, if the seige goes successful the node will atrohpy a level and kick the owner off the throne. Nodes going down in level kicks out all the lower level citizens of each level until finally degrading under level 3 and kicking everyone out.

With all the birth being thrown about, I wanted to hear your thoughts on destruction of the eternal nature.

RP character death, How do you feel about it?

Perma death or no death at all? Why/ not?

If an agreed Permanent RP character death system is created, how will that effect your play style?
In coordinated PVP RP events, such as node seige or caravan ambushing, would you accept an OOC character death as an official IC death, knowing its circumstances wont be as "glamorous" and potentially as "heroic" as you may anticipate?

No one plans to die, and sometimes it may sneak up on you. What sort of permissions/agreements come forth in order for a realistic death system to function properly?

Assassination plots or Spontaneous Murders,***If planned precisely*** How should it be carried out in order to remain a surprise attack?

I want to hear all manner of thoughts on these questions because this, though a gruesome subject, is one that most RP groups and even entire Communities seem to push under the rug to prevent from heating people. What are your thoughts? I have my own.

Jon Baeryrn
Jon Baeryn, Future AoC Predator
#13603016 Jan 11, 2018 at 03:11 PM
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I'm on the fence personally. I think it will depend on how the family/inheritance system works.
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