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Hello! I'm Museacia!
Welcome to my Artbox. 😀

This is the topic where I'll periodically post my amateur adventures in artstuffs! I'm not presently producing much art for AoC specifically (-simply because the actual launch of the game is so far out, and lore is yet developing) but when I do, you'll find it here! Feel free to check out my topic on our Artist's Forum if you're interested, and happy gaming!


06/27/17 | Grome Redstone (Human concept)
While I haven't settled on a race or origin story for this gentleman, his human concept is severe as ever!

😅 Alias': Museacia/Muse/Raps
😌 Characters: Grome Redstone/Solun Whitegrave
#13329886 Jul 02, 2017 at 06:58 PM
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Looks like a Vaelune human
Avid rp-pvper who fights using game mechanics but loves rping with anyone. There is more to roleplay than fighting.
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