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#13266547 May 26, 2017 at 04:47 AM · Edited over 4 years ago
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Whilst I know that there is the in game caravan system, I thought that it would be nice to at some point after the game launches, set up a frequent package delivery event and I'm curious to see what your thoughts might be.

Part of my thinking behind this, is that I'm going to be playing at odd hours and normally all the rp that's available outside of contacts is tavern, and even that gets a bit stale after a while.

The other thing is that I think it would be nice to set up some sort of regular event that individual roleplayers can get involved in, something without having to have a hoard of folks online to arrange.


There will always be something that needs to be delivered that needs that caring touch, to go silently and invisibly outside of the caravan system.

Two characters are set up, one at a set pick up point, and the other the delivery point.

A shout is sent out in advance, say an hours notice, then counting down. Either via discord or in game.

This shout would let people know that there are packages (Or letters) awaiting collection and would give the delivery address and a potential rp ambush point.. (Although feel free to choose your own.)

Role players could choose to either pick up a package (Only one each... or one between multiple.) or intercept/ambush the collector on the route.
If they pick it up, then they probably would want to barter for payment, or find out more about it.

If they choose to ambush, your options are kind of unlimited,
"a kindly old man approaches the elf carrying the package and attempts to start a conversation"
There's a tent set up on the clearing ahead of you, two orcs are playing cards and try to con you out of the package. etc etc.

Though it'd be interesting if you chose to ambush and no-one collected it. :D

Now each package would be planned in advance (and I could even take screenies of the planned package after the event just in case of any disputes):

Now not being on the route myself, it would be down to the roleplayers to whisper if they take any actions using the package

If you shake it, open it, destroy it, throw it, drop it or even sniff it ... there might (or might not) be results IC.
Some packages purely by their just being might cause magical or chemical effects upon you.

And then once delivered (or not) to the recipient again, different resolutions might occur. Different plots might be driven forward etc etc.

Nothing would be there to stop others asking for their own packages (with effects or not etc etc) to be delivered.

And if individuals wanted rp but didn't want to wait for a delivery shout, a whisper to me if I'm on, and I could arrange this for them)

Anyway, just a thought, input would be appreciated.
#13267342 May 26, 2017 at 01:59 PM
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I like the idea, but it does sound logistics heavy-- I think it'll be easier to collaborate on the matter once we have more supporting Lore. Who knows, maybe the caravan system will be easier to proc than we anticipate and it can be used like an RP mechanic itself.
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